The Octet(o):

Fernando Brandao - Flute, alto and bass flutes

Phil Grenadier - Trumpet

Daniel Ian Smith - Tenor/Soprano saxophone and laughs

Kelly Roberge - Tenor saxophone and clarinet

Eric Hofbauer - Guitar

Pablo Ablanedo - Piano and composition

Fernando Huergo - Bass

Franco Pinna - Drums

Bertram Lehmann - Percussion

Greg Hopkins - Trumpet on 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7.

Katie Viqueira - voice on 8

Track List

1.     Mirando al Cielo - 9:21

Solos by Daniel Ian Smith and Greg Hopkins

2.    Silence - 6:38

Solo by Eric Hofbauer

3.     Departido - 5:51 (A Guillermo y su burrito)

Solo by Kelly Roberge, Phil Grenadier and Daniel Ian Smith

4.     Antiphona - 7:46 

Solo by Phil Grenadier

5.     ReContraDoble - 2:55

Solo by Fernando Huergo and Franco Pinna

6.   Como Te Quiero - 7:01 (A Lucile)

Solo by Kelly Roberge, Phil Grenadier and Daniel Ian Smith and Fernando Brandao

7.   Norwegian Wood - 5:27 

Solos by Fernando Brandao and Kelly Roberge

8.     Almita (vocal) - 2:04

A cappella by Katie Viqueira

9.     Almita - 7:30 

Solo by Daniel Ian Smith

10.     La Vaga - 5:46

Solo by Kelly Roberge

11.     Las Buenas Nuevas - 5:32 

Solo by Phil Grenadier 

General Information

All compositions written by Pablo Ablanedo (ASCAP) except “Silence” by Charlie Haden (Liberation Music Company), and “Norwegian Wood” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney (Northern Songs Catalog). All arrangements written by Pablo Ablanedo.

Recorded by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records, West Springfield, MA, on June 16 & 17, 2012

Mixed and Mastered by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records

Almita (vocal) recorded by Sergio Liszewski, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Art and design by Lucile Chaurin Ablanedo

Photos by Francisco Marty

Produced by Pablo Ablanedo Octet(o)

Executive Production: Pablo Ablanedo and Creative Nation Music




Quieren los astros del cielo,

que cante así corazón,

que cante así con dolor,

corazón con dolor.


Me han asignado esta vida,

pa’ cantarte con dolor,

pa’ cantarte corazón,

con dolor, corazón.


Ay, almita del cielo,

¿qué pasó,

qué pasó?


¿Quién sabe qué le ha pasado?

a mi almita corazón,

a mi almita con dolor,

corazón con dolor.


¿Qué le han hecho de pequeña?

pa’ cantarte con dolor,

pa’ cantarte corazón,

con dolor, corazón.


Ay, almita del cielo,

¿qué pasó,

qué pasó?


Pablo Ablanedo

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